Hutten & Co is here to serve you during this COVID-19 crisis. Here is how


It’s beautiful working together.

As leadership at Hutten and Co., we have the fulfilling task of making decisions and charting courses that impact lives of many of those around us. This is daunting, but we’ve never felt more supported, encouraged, or prepared than today. We, like you, are witnessing beautiful acts of collaboration, sharing, and self sacrifice during this time. Keep it up!! As our plans evolve, we want to share the following encouraging news with you.

  1. We will weather this together as a community. It is our strong desire to work with each team member, client, and partner, share available resources, assist where possible, and come out the other side intact, ready to take on the next challenge!
  2. We’ve successfully gone remote. That’s something to be excited about. Continue to reach out to us! We have clients sharing videos of property details with us, allowing us to continue planning, designing, and imaging a refreshing future, outdoors. Keep the inquiries coming, our creative juices are flowing!
  3. We have an incredible team behind us. We are pumped to have a team on board who understand our goals, how to best solve problems, and what we can do to serve the next inquiry to our company. We will find efficiencies, produce new ideas together, and work hard to overcome the challenges in front of us!
  4. We’re driving forward. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Today, we’re focused on supporting global efforts of virus containment. In the short days ahead, we’re prepared to pick up our shovels, and get active building gardens, creating spaces, and enjoying life outdoors. Are you excited with us?
  5. Working together, we can accomplish anything. This beautiful reality is captured in a recent moment from The Rotterdam Philharmonic. Maximize the full screen before you press “Play” – it’s worth it. And enjoy!

If you have a project scheduled with us, stay tuned, we’ll continue to update you as our plans evolve. Thanks for your confidence while we navigate the days around us! On behalf of everyone here,

Mark Hutten
Hutten & Co.