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Dock and boat lift design and installation. Without the fuss.

At Hutten, our goal is to make choosing, installing and caring for your dock and boat lift as quick, painless and simple of a process as possible. These are the steps you can expect to go through as we design and build the best dock and boat lift for your shoreline — and budget.


Tell us what you’re looking for.

Whether over the phone, by email or through our online form, tell us more about your ideal docking and boat lift system's size and scope.

During our first call, it’s important for us to identify:

  • Your vision for the dock and boat lift and how it suits your lifestyle.
  • How you plan to use it and what functions it needs to serve.
  • If you have any watercraft.
  • What type of shoreline you have, including water depth and conditions.

We then combine this information with any photos you send us as well as satellite imagery. When we put it all together, we can give you a fairly accurate quote and proposal for our first in-person meeting.


Visit our office for an in-person meeting.

Once we receive your initial proposal, we will invite you to our office in Owen Sound for a meeting with one of our dock and boat lift experts. During our time together, you will have the opportunity to see and feel our dock and boat lift displays from popular brands like Paradise, Bullman and Alumidock. This will help you get a better idea of the materials and features that you would like for your own dock and boat lift.

If you are satisfied with the proposal, our team will proceed with creating a polished layout and design. This will include a detailed sketch, as well as product and accessory specifications.


Approve a final design.

You’ll have a chance to approve our final design before we start installing it. You can also install the dock and boat lift yourself.

At this point, a clear timeline for your docking and boat lift system installation and assembly is given if you have a custom order. A 50% payment is due upon order, with the remaining balance due when your dock and boat lift arrives in your yard.


Watch as we install… or do it yourself!

Our team can deliver, unload, and install your marine system, adjusting it to be well-positioned for your shore’s water level and installing all accessories.

If a boat lift is a part of the service work provided, bunks will be installed but not set — unless the watercraft and owner are present to operate the watercraft. If the owner and watercraft cannot be present, a return visit will be arranged, or we will provide instructions.


Sign up for annual dock and boat lift service & maintenance.

All new docks and boat lifts include a proposal for the first year of service.

Dock and boat lift servicing includes:

  • Spring installations & fall removals
  • Raising & lowering dock as needed
  • Fully equipped crews
  • Fast storm response

If you opted out of service, your dock and boat lift proposal includes a user manual with detailed instructions on caring for the dock and boat lift yourself.

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