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Hutten & Co. Land and Shore

Mark Hutten


Business partner and bro to Ken, Mark grew up working in the family business since day one. He is super passionate about living in recreational Owen Sound and sharing the surrounding land and shore experience with others, with a horticultural flair from a Humber education. Keen on growing with the business, Mark is supported by his lovely wife and three girls who can often be found in the office eating the lion's share of the customer candy supply. Although he thinks he's laser focused, Mark is actually highly excitable, and can often be found making interesting sound effects and gestures as he gets off track with his other passions! One thing is for sure, if Mark had his way, all landscapes would be designed in one colour, KTM orange.

Ken Hutten


Highly artistic and talented, Ken also grew up in the family business, and together with Mark, became co-owner in 2011, tying in his Georgian Business expertise to many years of production experience. Ken's family of six is keen on travelling, so we like to think he also brings world class influence to the culture here. They can be a rambunctious bunch, but the littlest lady of the household clearly has everything under control. Just like Ken was always the clear lego winner, he's still the ultimate builder. It's why he's the killer operations guy. We're not sure how he does it, but we've seen hot rods, rat rods, RC planes and the like materialize from a rusty heap of parts, usually right in the middle of "production space". Well ok, they've half materialized anyway. We're glad he loves to play, its one of the things that makes us all tick at Hutten & Co.

Bryan Hertz

Sales & Client Care

Bryan is the man. The dock guy. The shore guy. The mulch guy. He wears a lot of hats, and he wears them well. Confident, passionate, and enthusiastic, Bryan brings an exceptional customer experience with strong product knowledge, and the service to back it up. Bryan loves his baseball, drumming on drums, and hanging out with his family of four. We know he’s glad he missed out on the Big Leagues, life just wouldn't be the same here without him.

Kyle Harman


Kyle is a natural numbers analyst. He is highly detailed, and brings a keen and contagious excitement to the office side of business. When we first met Kyle, we didn’t even have estimator in mind. But when we learned that he built pivot tables on excel sheets to analyze the returns on his wedding bar, and crunched every home project in painful detail, we knew he was the guy we needed. The rest is history. Kyle now measures everything we do inside and out, builds a mean estimate, and fits right in to the fun culture that we’ve come to enjoy.

John Hutten


The original Patriarch, John, aka Dad, founded the business in 2000, with a machine, a truck and a whole lot of heart. His early business motto was “Yes, that’s our specialty”. We learned a lot! Kindness, generosity, and a focus on customer satisfaction built a strong business that continues to grow today. Now he’s a number crunching spreadsheet guru, dialling in statistics like nobody’s business. At least that's what we think he's up to. Reports are, he's often truant, absent without notice, or otherwise missing in action. Let us know if you catch him!

Amy McComb

Office Manager

Amy is the office organizer extraordinaire. She's proven herself to throw a mean team party, and has us all on a tight budget with strong professionalism in business administration. On the side, Amy is a nutritional guru, vegetable growing health nut, which is exactly what we needed to keep us in every other shape but round!

Yvonne Loader


Yvonne is a fixture on the admin side at Hutten & Co. Incredibly reliable, meticulous, and thorough, Yvonne takes care of a list way too long to mention. We tried to capture it all once, but it got out of control. Besides all the paperwork, Yvonne takes care of the crew like family with ample candy supply, bottomless coffee, and all the goodies we need for company outings.

Jamie Wenger

Facility and Logistics

Jamie is very multi-talented: he is a limo driver, wedding officiant, chief story teller, and gourmet cook, just to name a few of the hats that he wears... That we can remember. It makes us tired even trying to think of the rest of the list. He literally has a true story for everything you can think of, from chasing chickens in the Caribbean (did we get this right?) to sending an exploding propane tank through a research camp in the Yukon. You name it, he has done it, owned it, ate it, raced it, or has a license for it. Oddly enough he is the quietest of the bunch, but don't let that fool you - his die-hard sense of duty is unparalleled as he fills many roles here. The only fault we have found is that he doesn't sleep. Ever.

Teun Degelder

Service Manager

With about 23 years of experience providing high quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, Teun made a fantastic addition to our growing team. An avid fisherman, the dock life was naturally right up his alley. As Service Manager, Teun brings an unprecedented level of client care to the shores in our region by summer, and blustery parking lots by winter.

Ben Van Leeuwen


Ben is a craftsman and charcoal artist extraordinaire, talented, detailed, and a passionate leader. You'll find him occasionally wandering the trails in the hills of Bognor close to his home, wife and kids in tow, enjoying the scene, and happily suggesting "purdy neat"! Besides the outdoors, Bearded Ben has a passion for hand forged tools, and makes the shavings fly with his vicious looking hand chisel. It's a scene straight from the past. Some day, we're going to make a black and white video of him, you'll see what we mean.

Dwayne Carriere


A natural stone wizard, loyal to the core, professional and dedicated, Dwayne brings extensive experience with a Fanshawe ticket to boot. The longest employed member of our team, Dwayne can be found spending time at his favourite beach digs, just around the corner from his cozy family home in Sauble Beach, where he lives with his family of four. On the side, Dwayne's a mad, marathon running, kung fu kicking ball of energy. Somehow, he's always cold. Look for the Sauble chimney with obnoxious flames roaring from September through June, sometimes July.

Scott Maclean


Scott takes in the craziness here with a quiet methodical scrutiny that doesn't miss a beat. We're pumped that he's here - an uncanny handle on the entire landscape scene is his clear forte, and with over 20 year's experience in the field, he's earned it. As we got to know Scott, we were already hooked, but we really knew he was the guy for the job as soon as he said "motorcycle". That was it for us. He was hired. When he isn't crafting the best landscapes in Ontario, he fights fires on a volunteer basis, or rips around with his son on dirtbikes! Braaaaap!

Kevin Smith

Crew Member

Every class has a clown. Dedicated, passionate, and an exceptional team player, Kevin pumps out the production, while keeping everyone in an ongoing chuckle. Kevin works like a horse, swings a sledge like a mad man, and works up a very intimidating appetite. When ever someone is found declining food, coffee or donuts, you can hear Kevin yelling in the background “Ever been to India?... get em India!”

Eric Render

Lead Hand

The resident tree expert, Eric has a real passion for the outdoors, horticulture, and making a place beautiful. When he's not assessing rare or possibly endangered bark from strange trees, he is working at an abnormal rate of speed that seems like it simply must run out. But it doesn't. It keeps going. And going. We're not sure what the sauce is, but we're really fortunate to experience all that energy! Eric is also a really generous dude. He brings lotions, beard oils and other products for our grooming pleasure. We're glad, it's a nice mix from the copious amounts of candy that we can also enjoy from his mitt. Thanks Eric!

Austin Caldwell

Crew Member

Meet Austin. Behind that beard is sheer resolve and determination. And if that wasn't enough, he's also working through the Red Seal Certified Horticultural Apprenticeship Program, bringing another level of knowledge and professionalism to the table in production. He might be small, but we don’t mess with him. On the side, he's an avid hunter, loves his camo, and has a very impressive assortment of guns and ammo.

Adam McGregor

Crew Member

Meet Adam. Adam came to the Hutten team with a wealth of knowledge in construction and service. Applying for a landscape position, imagine his surprise when the first question was "can you swim?". He has since grown to like the shoreline after spending a year floating around with Teun in the watery bit, or the abyss as he calls it. Easy going and optimistic, he only ever has two complaints. One being "I can't stand here, the water is too deep" and "it's too windy for the sail bus today." After spending a year in a wet suit, he transitioned to the dirtier side, and now gets to play with rocks and trees and trees and rocks!

Joe Bultena

Lead Hand

Joe is an energetic man of many facets. Husband, dad, a real go getter no nonsense guy, he likes bombing around on atvs, long walks down the short dock, hunting and making his own hammer handles. On the professional side, he comes from a builder background, has run his own business and has a red seal certification in carpentry. There really isn't much he can't do. His biggest dream is to be a successful hunter and put food on the table, but he can't sit still long enough, and not to mention, No Frills is directly on the way home from work. But don't worry Joe, we know you're eventually going to bag the big one, we just hope you'll share!


Watch & Enjoy

our history

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Take a walk down memory lane with us!



John and Wilma Hutten take a brave step from the farm life, and move to Owen Sound with schemes of a new idea. Have Bobcat, will travel!



The future Hutten shop and office begins to take shape, marking the beginning of years of property development and changes on this century farm just outside of Owen Sound on the busy "by-pass".



Spring of 2000, the year we call official. Hutten Bobcat Services begins advertising in earnest, and we're off to the races! Whenever the phone rang, John's response was "that's our specialty!" The rest is history.



Brothers Ken and Mark Hutten get involved from the get go, scheming and dreaming, and spending years in the trenches.



Marketing gets serious on the local restaurant placemats. Merry Christmas John and Wilma!



Everyone loves a good machine demo! Especially when you have a family member on the inside at the dealership. Thanks Matt!



Early construction projects evolve on the surrounding inland and waterfront properties of Grey and Bruce Counties. Look at that view!



John, Mark and Ken make sure they take time out for fun. Some things never change...



Roll-off services are introduced to Hutten Bobcat Services - a memorable part of the Hutten History!



2006, what a busy year! But we still had time for extensive training in making Timmies runs. Copious amounts of coffee were consumed with Dad.It still continues today. Small black anyone?



Hutten Bobcat Services makes a major brand change! Recognizing the diversity of services offered, the company name is changed to Hutten & Co., operating landscaping, disposal services, and snow removal companies.



Partnerships with Professional Landscape Architects and designers becomes part of the process for all landscape projects at Hutten & Co.



The year of the oak desks! Incredibly stylish and very welcoming. Ken, John and Mark discuss the finer things of business.



A massive yard expansion is completed with new concrete bulk product bunkers and a brand new commercial entrance shortly to follow.



The yard is opened to the public, a source with bunkers full of bulk products and stone. Stack it low - it'll never go, Stack it high - watch it fly!



The DockinaBox line is added to the products that Hutten & Co. provides. Along with pro service support from the team at Hutten, this product proves to be perfect for the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.



The Hutten rig is spotted at the Owen Sound Christmas fair, getting in the community!



Hutten & Co is rebranded to fully encompass all of the services it provides on Land and Shore, while continuing to raise the bar on a high level of craftsmanship in all areas.



Mark and Ken Hutten take over ownership of Hutten & Co., and the team continues to grow along with an exciting vision!



Award Winning Team! Hutten & Co. joins the stage in taking home ten awards across multiple categories at the Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence Gala!

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