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There is a place in Ontario where natural beauty can make even the most seasoned traveller feel overcome by a sense of wonder. A place of picture-perfect vistas and rugged scenery. This is the western Georgian Triangle.

"Breathtaking," "magnificent," and "astonishing" are the words used by the discerning nature-lovers who choose to reside or vacation in this region. 

Shaping this rugged landscape into a natural retreat where you can escape to with family and friends calls for a thoughtful and sensitive contractor. One who understands the challenges posed by the complex climate and unrelenting shorelines of our region. A local company that respects the natural beauty of the area and holds themselves to a world-class standard of client care.

At Hutten & Co., we know you love this unique region. We love it too! That's why we've devoted the last two decades to helping homeowners in Bruce and Grey County shape their properties in ways that captivate, inspire and bring them closer to nature.


To shape our rugged landscapes in ways that captivate, inspire and bring people closer to nature.


When we live out our mission, we see:

  • Beautiful Experiences. We see inspired clients, excited to see their outdoor vision come to life.
  • Enriched Lives. We see more people connecting with the natural wonder of the outdoors and with each other.
  • Restored Environments. We see more properties developed in harmony with nature, supporting healthy ecosystems.
  • Passionate Teams. We see talented employees who are empowered to learn, grow and share their gifts with others.
  • Stronger Communities. We see our team using their God-given talents to serve our community’s needs.

Our Core Values.

The Core Values at Hutten & Co. were developed to describe the heart of who we are. A group of aligned professionals with a shared mission, captivating and inspiring people within naturalized spaces. These are values we've consistently come to hire by, and they continue to define our team and brand today.

Passion Give it all you’ve got.

In our world, we work hard in intense weather, but the rewards and satisfaction are huge. We show extreme care for the work we do and the people we serve. It's exciting to work with that kind of team!

• Deliver an outstanding customer experience 

• Commit to high quality service 

• Deliver on promises and go the extra mile 

• Contribute to an evolving, exciting industry

Optimism Bring enthusiasm.

An enjoyable workplace is a wonderful thing. Every day, we strive to contribute positively, greet each other with a smile, and have a little fun, impacting lives for the better. Welcome aboard, optimism!

• Show up with enthusiasm and cheerfulness 

• Contribute to an enjoyable team setting 

• Motivate and encourage others 

• Maintain a positive outlook

Relationships Exceed expectations.

The service industry is all about serving people. It stands to reason then, that serving well is expected. We believe we can do better than that, striving to exceed expectations in every interaction.

• Be respectful and courteous 

• Speak honestly and with kindness 

• Be accommodating 

• Be punctual and considerate of time

Knowledge Pursue Growth.

We have a strong desire to be highly skilled and constantly learning about our craft. This gives our company a cutting edge, sets us apart from the rest, and develops leading talent.

• Develop skills and pursue excellence 

• Engage in training for growth 

• Innovate and problem-solve 

• Measure results and improve

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