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A robot cutting your lawn — isn’t that something out of a futuristic movie? It definitely doesn’t sound like something you could start using today.

But robotic mowers are have been around for a while now. The first MowBot launched in 1969, and in the past 50 years, these machines have seen incredible innovation.

At Hutten, we’re investing in this revolutionary technology as part of our Property Care packages. How do they work? And why use them? The answers are below!

How do robotic mowers work?

Robotic mowers sound complicated, but their system and programming can be easily explained.

The mowing system comes with three parts: the mower itself, its charging station, and the boundary wire. The mower works inside an underground electronic fence that sends a “loop signal” from the charging station. When the mower gets close, it automatically turns around. Think of it like an electric fence for your dog — but for your lawnmower instead!

Our team installs the wire with a special machine that pushes the wire underground without damaging the grass above it. You’ll hardly know we were there once we’ve set everything up! 

How does it know where to go? Your mower mows randomly, cutting the entire area of your lawn within two days — and sometimes, within hours! When it senses a boundary wire, it turns around. “Islands” of wire can be made around obstacles in your yard — like trees, garden beds, retaining walls and patios. For narrower passages, a “guidewire” can guide the mower, so it always follows the same route. 

As for yards with hills, obstacles and rocky terrain, your robotic mower can handle it! Slopes, small holes and obstacles (like pinecones or nuts) aren’t an issue at all.

At Hutten, we sell and service Ambrogio "Next Line" robotic mowers.

Why robotic mowers? Seven benefits.

Besides reducing the need for manual labour, our Ambrogio robotic mowers have many other benefits...

  • Gives you a consistent and beautiful lawn. — Since they mow so gently and are programmed through an online app, robotic mowers ensure a uniform and even cut. Your lawn will look incredible.
  • Improves your lawn’s health. — Since robotic mowers clip the lawn gradually, they cut quarters of an inch of each grass blade at a time. These small clippings decompose quickly, naturally re-fertilizing the lawn. And the added bonus? Since the cut is so consistent, moss and weeds are discouraged from growing. 
  • Offers a safer lawn care option for kids and pets. — Robotic mowers automatically shut off when they’re picked up and will turn around if they bump or run into anything. Plus, you can allow your robot to rest all day and cut all night, instead of daytime mowing while family and pets are using the yard. For the ultimate in safety, inquire about the "Amico chip," designed to interact with your pets and the robot.
  • Lowers noise and emissions pollution. — Robotic mowers are quieter than conventional lawnmowers, which means no more loud gas-powered engines! And since they’re electric, they come equipped with a powerful battery. Before the battery runs out, each mower returns back to its charging station in your yard.
  • Let’s you control when, where and how your it cuts. — Whether day or night, decide when your mower cuts your lawn. Your robotic mower works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging.
  • Works in all weather conditions. — With a tough outer shell and a waterproof body, your lawn can get cut even while it rains. Talk about handy! And if the rain gets really bad, your mower will sense it and head back to its charging station to prevent and damage to your turf. 
  • More efficient property care. — While the robot is taking care of the easy work at a predictable schedule, your property care team can focus on the more involved horticultural care requirements on your property, making the best use of expertise and time!

Like we said earlier, robotic mowers seem futuristic, but they’re already here, and we want our customers to take advantage of these amazing benefits. 

Find out more about how our machines work with this video!

If you’d like to learn more about purchasing a robotic mower or signing up for robotic mower lawn care through our Property Care packages, please get in touch!