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Landscaper working on garden

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep your landscape neat, weed-free and full of beautiful, healthy plants — and if you’re like most people, you’d rather spend the little free time you have enjoying your garden, not working in it!

Fortunately, at Hutten, we do enjoy working in gardens — and we offer homeowners and business owners complete property care through our “Green Thumb” Package.

Landscaper pruning

What is the Green Thumb Package?

The Green Thumb Package was developed by our horticulture experts and is designed to follow horticultural “best practices” throughout the growing season. 

There are three basic parts to the Green Thumb Package:

  1. Spring clean-up — Each spring, we’ll arrive at your property and evaluate your gardens. We’ll clean up the beds, edge the garden and prune any plants that have been damaged by winter kill. We’ll top up the mulch and leave everything clean and tidy.
  2. Monthly visits — During our monthly visit we’ll weed your gardens, sharpen the edging and fluff up the mulch (adding more if necessary). We’ll also take care of your plants — deadheading perennials to encourage new blooms and pruning flowering shrubs at the appropriate time (if you get this wrong, you could end up pruning away next year’s blossoms!)
  3. Fall clean-up — Time to put the garden to bed for the winter! We’ll cut back and prune perennials and remove dead or diseased plants.
Irrigation maintenance on a sprinkler

Add-on services make life even easier!

In addition to the basic core package, you can add from a menu of other services we offer based on your property’s needs.

1. Irrigation installation & maintenance

Having an irrigation system can save you a lot of time and headaches. We install new systems, as well as upgrade older systems with traditional controllers to WIFI smart controllers.

Maintenance on these systems includes:

  • Spring opening — We turn on the water and run through each of the zones, checking for leaks and other signs of winter damage from frozen pipes. We’ll make sure all the heads are coming up and are positioned properly. Before we leave, we’ll make sure everything is repaired or replaced (as needed) and your system is running properly.
  • Two summer visits — During each visit we’ll run through the entire system, checking for damage and making sure the heads are still in the correct position.
  • Fall closing — We’ll turn off the water supply and run through the system, making sure all the water is blown out and the backflow is free of water. This will keep your system from suffering any damage due to water freezing in the system and bursting the pipes.

2. Adding seasonal colour with annuals

A perennial garden, if well-designed, can provide colourful blooms all season long. But sometimes you want to punch it up a bit — here are a few ways we can help you add a pop of colour to your landscape:

  • Planter boxes and seasonal urns — You can easily add summer blossoms to your patio, deck or entry with beautiful seasonal displays. Holiday displays are also available and add a festive touch to wintery days.
  • Seasonal annuals — Brighten up a shady spot in the garden or add a riot of colour to a perennial bed. Annuals are known for their long-lasting and showy blooms — some (like geraniums) look great from spring to frost! It’s best to plant summer annuals in late May (after the two-four weekend) and fall annuals in mid-September. You can plant spring bulbs in the fall too.

3. Lighting installation & maintenance

Landscape lighting will give your property a magical glow, keep your family safe and secure and let you party on after the sun goes down! Our lighting maintenance service includes checking fixtures for damage and wear, replacing bulbs (as needed) and making sure wires are hidden.

4. Property enhancements

All our property maintenance clients have access to our in-house design and construction services to improve and enhance their outdoor living spaces. This can include things like patios, walkways, decks and outdoor kitchens and dining areas.

5. Winter services

We love the snow, but having a driveway packed with snow or an icy walkway can make getting around in winter difficult. Our winter services can keep your home or business clear and safe.

6. Lawn & garden fertilization

A healthy lawn or garden needs more than just water, it needs regular fertilization. This service includes three applications during the growing season.

Working with us is easy too!

Setting up a property care plan with Hutten & Co. is easy:

  1. Schedule a property assessment — A property care expert will visit your property and walk you through your care package, making note of any specific requirements.
  2. Receive a proposal — Your proposal will include a detailed scope of work, pricing, and payment options.
  3. Go outside and enjoy! — Hutten’s property care team will look after your landscape. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it!

When we say we’ll take care of everything for you, we mean it! If, for instance, you need help with a large tree on your property (one that’s too large for our equipment) we’ll coordinate with an arborist on your behalf.  

We’ll go out of our way to see you enjoy every aspect of your property without having to devote all your spare time to maintain it.