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Winter is coming, along with icy sidewalks and snowy parking lots. You need to hire a snow & ice management company to make sure your home or commercial property stays safe and clear.

In the larger world of snow & ice contractors, relatively few are certified. But how does a company actually get certified in something like snow & ice management?

There’s a range of industry associations out there, but the most popular and well-respected is the Snow & Ice Management Association, also known as SIMA.

Here’s a quick look at what the association does, why it matters for your experience as a customer and why we’re members of it!

What is the Snow & Ice Management Association?

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) is a North American trade association that focuses on training professionals in snow & ice management. They do this through symposiums, training programs and ongoing research to develop best practices.

As a customer, you can look to SIMA to find the most professional snow & ice management firms out there — Hutten & Co. included!

Why does it matter if my company is certified?

Hiring a company that’s SIMA certified means...

  • You can be confident the company you hire is educated in best practices for snow & ice management and offers extensive training to their team. Here at Hutten, we’re always looking for ways to grow and stay on top of new trends and products — all with the goal of serving you better!
  • You don’t have to worry. SIMA members must be properly insured. At Hutten, we have comprehensive liability insurance. But more importantly, we have a great contract structure and terms, site maps and clear scope of work outlines, so legal ramifications, responsibility and risk are clear. (More on that here!)
  • You’ll know what to expect because all team members are trained to follow the same processes every night and all season long. (And you’ll be kept in the loop by your service manager, who oversees everything and is your direct point of contact here!)

SIMA-certified companies have the capacity to handle any amount of snow with ease. Members are effectively always ready to serve you without delay — and have the training and fleets to back it up!

Certification is also important to us as we aim to become a “destination company” for those in the industry. Continuous training and professional development opportunities like these give our team members a way to keep growing in their careers! Plus, snow and ice work during the winter means our team can stay employed throughout the year.

What sort of certifications does SIMA offer?

There are two main certifications offered by SIMA:

  1. Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) — This is the main certification that all Hutten snow & ice crew members are trained with. It’s a four-course program that covers all of the basics for plowing, ice management and sidewalk operations. It’s very much “boots on the ground” and makes sure everyone at our company is on the same page.
  2. Certified Snow Professional (CSP) — A higher-level and much more involved certification, we currently have staff completing this program. Getting certified is a rigorous process that requires proven, snow-specific experience and a passing grade on a lengthy exam. To keep this certification, continuing education credits (from attending tradeshows, mentoring members, publishing snow & ice articles and more) and an annual fee are required.

Both of these certifications ensure you’re getting the highest standard in snow & ice management. They’re very important to us here at Hutten — part of a progressive, ongoing training program for our team that mitigates risks for you as our clients!

Ready to hire a certified snow & ice company?

Knowing your property is in the hands of a trusted professional, one trained to handle winter’s worst, makes dealing with winter a lot easier.

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