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Living in the Owen Sound area is great — even when the winters are snowy and unrelenting! We all love playing in the snow, whether it’s enjoying snow-laden landscapes, skiing through the forest or getting out on the snowmobile.

While many of us love the activities we can do while it’s snowing, waking up to a snow-covered driveway or a walkway encrusted in ice can really get in the way. Not only of the fun things, but routine things too, like getting to work or stepping out to buy groceries.

Clearing snow is not only inconvenient — it's proven to increase the risk of injury, not to mention liability.

Choosing Hutten & Co. to do it for you and get… 

  • Quick service — Our 24/7 weather monitoring and exceptional operations management mean we dispatch within hours of the beginning of the snowfall.
  • Worry-free winters — Our reliable crews make sure your home stays safe and clear all winter long.

Our snow & ice management services include…

  • Ice monitoring & control
  • Hand-clearing of walkways, sidewalks & parking lots
  • Haulage & snow removal

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