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Warm or cool, the choice is yours.

Just imagine… sliding in for a refreshing dip in the pool during the next summer heatwave. Or decompressing in the warm embrace of a spa or hot tub when the day is over. Both options are equally appealing and equally attainable with the experts at Hutten & Co.

Host groups of any size.

Whether you dive in by yourself or with friends and family, a pool or spa is the ideal setting to relax with groups large and small. Pool parties with children and grandchildren are just waiting to happen. Or if you prefer something quieter, head out for some self-care with a solitary swim in the evening.

Choose what’s right for your lifestyle.

A variety of pool and spa styles are available: from lap pools ideal for exercising, to exciting shapes that match your design, to luxurious spas where you can while away the night. And whatever you choose, you can add finishing touches with custom pool coping, steps and ladders.

Whether a pool or spa, we can handle it…

  • In-ground concrete, liner, vinyl & fibreglass pools
  • In-ground, above-ground & sunken spas
  • Pool coping
  • Ladders & steps

Let’s get started.

Get ready to be inspired as our team walks you through Hutten & Co.'s proven landscape design and construction process.

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