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Shorelines are special places…

They play host to a lot of amazing moments in our lives. Shores are quiet spots for us to sit on docks, dip our toes in the water and dive into the deep. When you consider the role they play in our landscapes, it’s no wonder many consider them little pieces of paradise. But they’re special for another reason too…

Simple beauty. Complex ecosystem.

Shorelines are vital parts of the ecosystem, acting as a natural habitat for plants and wildlife. Where the water meets the land is one of the richest natural environments you’ll likely ever encounter. It might even be the most complex piece of the earth you’ll live next to. But because it’s so complex, it requires specialized care to thrive.

A holistic approach to managing water and erosion.

Landscaping projects are notorious for upsetting the intricate balance of shoreline ecosystems — but not if they’re done thoughtfully and carefully! To prevent your shore from harming the environment, we take a holistic approach, managing water through buffer zones, grading, drainage and rocks — while still giving you full access to your waterfront.
Kind words from a nature lover.
“Great team, very professional, [they] understand your needs and work accordingly. It was the best decision to choose Hutten and Co., and I would choose and recommend them to all who need landscaping and shore work done.”
- Gurdeep S.

shoreline restoration Services

Restore and revitalize your shoreline with…

  • Grading, retention & drainage
  • Retaining walls & natural stone steps
  • Slope stabilization
  • Rocks & terraces
  • A dock designed for all shore types
  • Native plantings

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