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Hutten employees in action.

At Hutten & Co., our mission is to shape our rugged landscapes in ways that captivate, inspire and bring people closer to nature, but our focus has always been on the people we serve and those who serve us — our team.

In a previous post, we shared some of the benefits of living, working and playing in the Bruce Peninsula and how embracing open-book management has strengthened our company by creating a collaborative, family-like environment where everyone is valued.

But sometimes written words are not enough… watch these four interviews and see first-hand what it’s like to work at Hutten & Co. (including behind-the-scenes footage of our yard, offices and job sites too!):

I’ll start…

Robyn Heeres, Admin/HR

For those who don’t know me, I work as administrator in Human Resources at Hutten & Co. and I applied to work here because I was impressed with the work they did (check out these gorgeous properties!) and their culture and values were in line with my own. 

I love all aspects of my job, but what I love best is being able to plan fun events (like quarterly parties, barbecues, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiring dive boats!) to show appreciation to our team and help them become the best version of themselves as they learn and grow within the company.

Nick Varley, Landscape Crew Member

Nick, one of our landscape crew members, actually went to school for engineering… but he found that working in an office just didn’t do it for him.

Since he joined Hutten & Co. he sees a big future ahead — he feels supported and is encouraged to build on his strengths in order to move up through our career path.


Matt Wenger, Dock Service Crew Member

Matt started working at Hutten & Co. while he was in high school, sweeping the shop floors on the weekends. From there he was offered a full-time job landscaping — and now he has a career as a dock crew member.

He loves the family atmosphere here, but what he loves most is getting paid to be outdoors “playing in the water” all day!


Our team's top reasons for choosing a career at Hutten

You may have noticed a theme throughout these videos. Here are the top reasons our employees love working at Hutten & Co.:

  • Family atmosphere — everyone is warmly greeted each day (and everyone knows your name)!
  • Rewarding work — opportunities to work in beautiful locations on beautiful projects and know your work will be enjoyed for generations.
  • A place to grow — we aren’t afraid to invest in people and you’re encouraged to grow in the career path of your choice. 
  • Great culture — plenty of recognition, perks and benefits and the pleasure of working with passionate, caring people.

If you want to know more about what it’s like to work at Hutten & Co., or you’re interested in applying for one of our open positions, please go to our careers page and start your journey. 

Opportunity and adventure await!